Social media in B2B companies - does it bring real results for business?

We tend to use different marketing methods while advertising B2B and B2C companies. There are also different perception whether it is or it is not worth to invest in communicating via social media for the B2B company. But there are a lot of successful B2B companies out there that uses social media and does it successfully. So why it is important and what is the right approach to do it for B2B company? This training for marketing people as well as management of the company is going to provide you with answers.


Personal brand of the employee and how does it help to bring value to the company?

Employees are ambassadors of the company. If they know how to use social media effectively for self-branding as well as for the company branding, then it is the strength of the company. It is worth to invest in improving their knowledge about digital communication and their skills so they can be able to represent themselves as opinion leaders as well as professionals representing the company. This is extremely important for the top management. Training will provide tips and tricks on how to succeed in social media for employees on any level.


Effective advertising via Facebook

In spite of different discussions on ethical aspects, Facebook is still one of the most influential social media worldwide with unique data available. And Facebook still has the best system for targeting. In this training, you will find out how to use this platform to reach your potential customers more effectively.