story chief for content marketing

Story Chief – for creating story simultaneously with different people involved

Brand: Story Chief
Promise: Content marketing made easy
What is it: Cloud Content Software for marketers and editorial teams
Fee: the cheapest price plan is 25 euros per month

Entrance in the platform is easy and free – just log in and start. I started by creating the story.  The design reminds me of the ‘Medium’ or any other very simple platform. What I really like that I can leave guidelines or brief to my team members or any other people who will join me in creating the piece of the content. Also, it is possible to see the success of SEO straight into the document. Version history might work the same as Google Doc. It is possible to revert to the previous version. Although this function is available only when you upgrade your account. When the story is created, users can get notifications that there is something for them to review. It is possible to put the link of the story publicly so everyone can view the story in the read-only mode.

Group stories into campaigns. It is easy then to track the success of the content and analyze it in the context of other stories from the same campaign. Content for the future can be planned in the content calendar. Although, this function is also available only in the upgraded version.

One more advantage of the platform is the fact that it is possible to publish the story simultaneously into several platforms – publishing channels as WordPress, Shopify, Medium etc. as well as in social media channels and Mailchimp.

Currently, the beta version is available for the option to look for the people who could help with creating the content.